Innovative solutions
for the lending ecosystem

LiquidFi is enhancing lending ecosystem infrastructure from data and documents, to payments and secondary trading. Our patented technology lowers costs for participants while increasing transparency and efficiency like never before.


Increase Transparency and Reduce Timelines

Better Data

Contributor-Level Data and Document History in One Place
Transparent Loan-Level Balance and Payment History
Daily Loan-Level Reporting for Securitization Investors and Warehouse Lenders

Reduce Timelines

Shorten Validation and Trading Timelines with Verified Data and Documentation
Full Audit Trail for Regulatory and Compliance Inquiries
Reduce Manual Reconciliation Timelines Through Error Reduction

Lower Costs

Eliminate Multiple Rounds of Data and Document Confirmation
Improved Auditability and Compliance Monitoring Reduces Reconciliation Overhead

Protect Your Downside

Knowing which data and documents exist for each loan is a major pain point for counterparties throughout the ecosystem. With the LiquidFi suite of products, including Payments, Archive, and Verify, feel confident you have a complete, verifiable loan file.

For loan trading, servicing, compliance, and audit, we maintain a fully verifiable history of loan data, documents, payments, and ownership. Decentralized loan management in a single repository.


Leader in Loan-Backed Digital Asset Solutions

$6.9 billion

Loan UPB


Loans Outstanding

$1.2 billion

Payments Recorded

< 30 Minutes

Processing Time


Real Estate and Other Lending Products

Innovative solutions built to enhance lending products across multiple sectors and jurisdictions. Reach out to us if you manage traditional residential, commercial, single-family rental, or any non-traditional asset classes.


Prime Jumbo, Non-QM, NPL, RPL, Fix-and-Flip

Single-Family Rental

Single Borrower and Multi-Borrower

Multifamily & Commercial

Apartments, Condominiums, Office, Retail, Industrial, Hotel, and Mixed Use

Other Asset Classes

Revolving Credit Facilities, Credit Cards, Autos, Transportation, and Esoteric


Building for the Future

LiquidFi continues to innovate across the lending ecosystem. Our current product pipeline will allow us to build additional products and features on top of our base infrastructure.

Full API Access

Programmatic access to the LiquidFi product suite via API.


Payment infrastructure to transact borrower and investor payments on blockchain.

Capital Markets

Capital markets infrastructure for trading, aggregation, fractionalization and new product development.

For additional information or to speak with us directly, email and we will respond promptly.